LLC «NOPEUS ART» renders services of arranging direct full truck load shipments (FTL) and consolidated (LTL) shipments within Russia as well as for international routes. We have contracts with more than 30 trucking companies and it enables us to promptly provide any type of transportation to any destination in Russia, CIS and Europe.

On top of a standard delivery we offer such additional value added services as: optimal selection of transport modes for multimodal solutions based on cargo volume and type, delivery routes' optimization, set-up of data and documents' exchange between consignors, warehouses, transportation companies and consignees. Our own TWMs makes us independent from 3rd party software settings and enables us to make prompt and flexible adjustment based on each client’s biz processes’ settings.

If you have any questions please contact us or call on the phone +7 (495) 230-13-30