Take advantage of consolidation services at our warehouses in China for further delivery by fast block trains to Moscow (Vorsino).

LLC «NOPEUS ART» renders services of arranging direct full truck load shipments (FTL) and consolidated (LTL) shipments within Russia as well as for international routes. We have contracts with more than 30 trucking companies and it enables us to promptly provide any type of transportation to any destination in Russia, CIS and Europe.

Server breakdown in a data center, medical equipment failure in a hospital, malfunctions of telecommunication systems – these are critical situations that require an immediate supply of spare parts and components. It has been during more than 4 years that our clients entrust this responsible job to us. The cargo is delivered to a consignee within 2 hour from the order receipt time. The orders can be processed in 24x7x365 mode. Currently this service is available in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Ekaterinburg, Almaty and Tashkent. Upon your request we can set up this service in any region.

In railway deliveries LLC «NOPEUS ART» is focused on cargo deliveries in containers by fast block trains from China to Russia. Fast block trains go to the destination point without re-sorting of containers and with a minimum number of train stops in transit. Cargo delivery by fast block trains allows to reduce L/T 2 – 2,5 ensuring fast delivery and security of cargo for the client. The shortened L/T allows to release the clients’ turnover capital and reduce on-hand inventory costs.

Our airfreight solutions allow us to arrange very fast deliveries of cargo all over the world. Our team of IATA certified professionals will arrange a 24-hours delivery from order placement time of electronic components, medicines, gadgets, product’s samples and any other expensive or urgent cargo.

Customs clearance is made by us in a fast, high quality and not expensive way. You will not have to choose only two indices out of three, like in a famous aphorism.

Our company has been providing professional warehousing services since 2006 and has generated huge experience of handling and storing all types of goods.